When the main road is finished you either turn back or look for where the narrow path begins that continues beyond” – Gio’ Fronti

WOM Handmade Sonic Tools is the natural evolution of ONDEROTONDE, a research and work project oriented to the therapeutic and expressive use of sound, with which we have created and promoted numerous study and practice opportunities over the years with seminars, courses, informative events and artistic.

In the summer of 2013 we started a research process on the sound behavior of various metals, which will later lead to the birth of the WOM brand.

The name WOM is also a sound and a symbol, it is the sound of the Spanda Mantra “Wuom” used in the practice of Hara Yoga and represents the universal vibration, the origin of all sound and reality.


WOM Gongs are created one by one completely by hand, with procedures that combine traditional methods with personal choices and innovative intuitions, in order to generate unique tools, designed with care and made with passion, in order to give the metal the necessary vibratory characteristics. to a complete and engaging sound experience.


Sound and color, because we love beauty and we are aware that the visual aspect is anything but ephemeral. Thus, the surface of a gong becomes a “sound canvas” on which, through different techniques and also collaborating with some talented artists, to create original visual works and designs from the amazing colors that metals take on when exposed to high temperatures.

It is an alchemical dance of archaic forces that gives birth to a WOM gong. Forging a gong is like creating a door to the entire universe, playing it is like opening that door and listening to its breath.

Tashi and Yashà