A low, deep and persistent tonal center followed by a gradual and variegated unfolding of the main overtones, until an imposing sound volume is reached where a brilliant crown of slow decaying high frequencies lights up.

These are the tonal characteristics and the vibratory behavior typical of our production, especially in medium and large gongs.

Since these are unique pieces entirely handmade, the ways in which these aspects are mixed and interact is peculiar to each individual instrument, as well as being obviously partly due to the type of beater used and the touch of the player.

The decorative workings have little influence on the final vibration of the gong, although, in some mysterious way, many times there seems to be a close analogy between the visual and sound aspects.

Our gongs are mainly created in stainless steel (VOX and KI) and nickel silver (SHEN) and occasionally in other alloys.

The more subtle and sensitive to the touch, they have the characteristic of being particularly lively on the medium-high frequencies, while maintaining a full tonal center, and well focused on the fundamental frequency, low and present. The smaller sizes are also an excellent solution as hand tools. 

Material: Stainless steel

Measurements:  19”/50cm – 23”/60cm – 27”/70cm

The typical WOM gong. Thanks to the consistent thickness they offer great power and expressive control. The general sound is particularly deep and balanced with a mysterious flavor, with a well-defined and powerful fundamental frequency, to which characteristic harmonics for each instrument are gradually added, which guarantee a varied and suggestive voicing.

Material: stainless steel

Sizes: 32″/80cm – 36″/90cm – 39″/100cm – 43″/110cm – 47″/120cm

These gongs have a round, deep and persistent tonal center, from which a rich spectrum of very bright and long-lasting mid-high frequencies gradually unfolds. They are tools that allow great control and expressive freedom; the general sound, strongly involving, is powerful, vast and crystalline.

Material: Nickel Silver

Sizes: 19″/50cm – 23″/60cm – 32″/80cm

These are fascinating sound plates folded on top, designed for the first time by us.

They show the typical sound behavior of the gong, but thanks to the elongated shape they guarantee a longer duration of the sound, with particular emphasis on the medium / high frequencies, which blend particularly with the fundamental and lower frequencies.

In the smaller sizes (30 / 40cm high) the basses become dominant with a general sound character more similar to the bell, with distinct overtones and harmonics. Excellent in individual sessions.

Material: Stainless Steel / Nickel Silver

Measurements: various, from 30cm to 80cm in height, usually with golden proportions