Sound is the cause of all manifestations. Who knows the secret of sound knows the mystery of the entire universe.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Gong generates a multidimensional sound, composed of a fundamental frequency (which determines its pitch), on which both harmonic and disharmonic frequencies are generated and developed increasingly acute, to create a very dense sound grid with an imposing volume.

The intonation can refer to a system of temperament and tuning or not, but in any case it will be in accordance with the natural codes of the “vibratory language”, the direct experience of sound.

In fact, the essential feature of the gong has more to do with its sound behavior than with intonation.

The sound of the gong is typically very vast, like a huge crystalline wave. Suggestive and mysterious, it is composed of a wide spectrum of frequencies capable of creating wide dynamics and rich timbral scenarios, it can evoke the enveloping stillness of the depths of the earth, like the disruptive roar of an expanding universe. With specific friction mallets it is possible to create continuous drones and concentrate, as in a dream chant, all the vibratory force of the instrument on single frequencies.


On the level of the listener’s experience, these sounds with a wide and vigorous motion can be strongly felt in the body, to the point of changing their perception and favoring introspection, in fact a gong that has balanced and powerful sounds is able to resonate profound aspects of the human soul and to modify the thresholds of attention in the listener

Therefore, in accordance with a vision that from the dawn of time extends circularly towards new horizons, the contemporary use of this instrument is found, as well as in various musical contexts, in contemplative fields, meditation, spiritual practice and holistic therapy, where the essential characteristics of this extraordinary object can perform their function: the sound becomes a mirror of one’s inner space, of one’s universe, and one has the opportunity in that mirror to recognize a deeper degree of our intimate nature which is essentially vibratory.