Do I have to have musical skills to play a gong?

Not necessarily. The gong is a relatively simple instrument to play and, although there are principles and techniques to know and master, the real necessary requirement is the quality of listening. The expressive code of the gong is not strictly musical, and although musical knowledge can undoubtedly be useful, the effective use of a gong is based more on personal sensitivity and knowledge of one’s instrument.

How can I buy a WOM gong?

If it is a gong on the TOOLS page, simply contact us, via email ( or through our Facebook and Instagram channels, to communicate your choice.

If it is a gong that is no longer available or a custom instrument, write us your requests and we will agree to make them come true.

Is it possible to create a custom gong?

Sure, write us your ideas at

Which mallets should I use?

It depends on what sound you want to get.

Large and soft mallets favor the low frequencies, while the mid-highs are better emphasized by small and / or hard mallets; but everything can be relative and a lot depends on the way you play, certainly a variety of beats allows us to increase the expressive possibilities of the instrument

How should I take care of my instrument?

The surface of the gongs is sensitive to grease and sweat from the hands, so we recommend not touching the gong when and where it is not necessary, and possibly clean it as soon as possible. Some creamy products for cleaning metals can be very aggressive with the surface, but you can successfully use specific spray degreasers for metals that evaporate quickly without leaving streaks. Many times a little water (preferably lukewarm) and a soft cloth is enough, in any case the surface must be gently rubbed and dried perfectly.

The string on the gong is particularly resistant to abrasion and cutting, but it is still a good practice to check the state near the nodes because the holes in the gong will deteriorate over time.

Does the external appearance affect the sound?

The decorative workings have little influence on the sound vibration of the gong, yet, in some mysterious way, in many instruments there seems to be a close analogy between the visual and sound aspects.

Furthermore, we think that the outward appearance can affect the player and his performance.

Are your gongs tuned to specific frequencies?

They are often tuned to musical notes, although we usually prefer to tune the gong on itself, favoring the dynamic aspects of the sound and timbral balance.

However, whenever we have received a request for a specific frequency or pitch, we have invariably worked to fulfill it.

Why should l choose a WOM gong?

You could choose one of our gongs if you are looking for an original, unique and authentic instrument, a high quality instrument, handled by hand in all construction steps. You could therefore choose one of our gongs, if you love beautiful things and recognize the beauty of things made with love…. But you should only choose it if you feel something resonating within you.

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